Virtual physical activity (PA) challenges are an opportunity for you to plan your own Heartland Tour in a way that works for you.  Pick the challenge that best suits your needs and register.  The virtual PA challenge period extends over three weeks (July 6 – 26).  During this period, you will attempt to meet the challenge you selected – it is any activity, any place, any time.  And it all counts! 

We have a PA challenge just for you.  Remember, you can also register for any of our community-based events as well.

Double it Up 300 - 150 minutes a week X 2 because more is better.  The same effort level. 

Get Up & Move - for those looking for a place to start.  You set your own goal.  Being inactive in waking hours - sitting, reclining, lying is a health concern.  Canadian guidelines recommend no more than 8 hours of not being on your feet.  This challenge is to get up and move, even simply standing counts as a gain.  It is your choice, we are not "prescribing" your goal, do want works for you. 

The Classic 150 - this reflects the physical activity guidelines for moderate and vigorous physical activity (MVPA) - think of it as aerobic exercise although it can be activities of daily living that are a bit more demanding - yard work, stacking wood, etc.  The challenge here is at least 150 minutes of MVPA each week.   Effort level can be easily measured by the "talk test".  In light activity speaking is easy, you can sing your favourite song (relaxed walking) .  Moderate activity you can speak in full sentences but you'll find singing that song a bit difficult (brisk walking).  Vigorous activity brings some difficulty in speaking in full sentences (think jogging or very brisk walking).  This level of activity contributes to cardiorespiratory fitness.

The Virtual Tour 1500 - We have calculated the distance if one were to do all of the long rides in this year's Tour with Dr. Nick.  We then used an average speed of 20 kph and rounded it off to an even number - 1500 minutes of MVPA.  We'll allow you three weeks to accomplish this goal but we do want to see you get at least 150 minutes each week.  Why not go for a virtual ride with Dr. Nick.

Youth 60 a Day - The youngsters need to be more active, we have simplified the Canadian guidelines a bit here to focus on the central element - 60 minutes each day of activity and make some of it vigorous - running, playing soccer, etc.  It will keep them busy too!

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