The Tour - Trenton

Sunday, July 10

Welcome to the Heartland Tour 2022 Pictou County event.  We are thrilled to be able to offer our event in person.

Our venue for this year is Trenton Park.  The decision to move from the Pictou County Wellness Centre for this year's event was based on the desire to optimize walking and hiking events, and to feature the recent Trenton park updates, including well-groomed trails, and a youth play area with splash pad.

We will host two road rides; a 51 km route and a 27 km route.  Both will offer challenging hills, and beautiful scenic views.  You will get a chance to use all of those gears on your bike!

There will be hikes and walks hosted within the Park, with a distance to meet everyone's needs.  Children can bike, walk, or run the youth portion of our event, with a prize ticket for a bike draw provided for specific distances completed.

All events will finish with a reception at the Trenton Park Amphitheatre, where lunch will be available, and bikes and other activity-related prizes will be drawn for.

Join us!


Trenton Park (Park St., Trenton (start & end)

8:30 AM - Check-in, registration, t-shirt pick-up 

9:00 AM - Long Road Ride (51 km) Download MAP

10:00 AM - Short Road Ride (26 km) Download MAP

10:30 AM - guided walk in the park - all ages & abilities

10:30 AM - (about 6 km) guided hike on park trails

10:30 AM - (about 3 km) a walk in the park

10:30 AM - (about 1.5 km) a family walk around the pond

12:00 PM  - Reception & prize draws