The Tour - Sydney

Monday, July 9

Join us for your choice of a walk or ride followed by prize draws and a light lunch.  There is plenty of safe parking, washrooms courtesy of our host, The Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre.  We have a shorter, family-friendly walk as well as a 5 km option - both using the high-quality Greenlink Trail adjacent to the Centre. There will be a 40 km ride and our usual longer ride (63 km) with rolling hills around the scenic Mira River CBRM Police Escort.will start with you and take you back for Celebrations. An introduction to cycling demonstration and 6km trail bike ride is added to the event as well!

It's all free, including the Heartland T-shirt.

92 Maillard St., off Churchill Drive, Membertou

8:15 - Registration.

9:15 - Long Road Bike 63 km... Around the Mira. (View Route Map HERE)

9:15 - Medium Road Bike 40 km... Around Mira-Marion Bridge. (View Route Map HERE)

9:30 - Introduction to biking demonstration for families and all ages. 

10:30 - Gentle Cycling - new to cycling 6 km on Greenlink Trail, trail bikes welcome.  

10:30 - Youth Street Hockey Games

11:00 - Relay for children... family activities.

11:00 - Walkers Welcome... guided walking on Greenlink Trail, 1km, 3km, 5km.
11:30 - Refreshments.
12:00 - Celebrations.

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