The Tour - Sydney

Monday, July 8

Join us for your choice of a walk or ride followed by prize draws and a light lunch.  There is plenty of safe parking, washrooms courtesy of our host, The Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre.  We have a shorter, family-friendly walk on the Greenlink Trail adjacent to the Centre. There will be a 41 km ride and our usual longer ride (63 km) with rolling hills around the scenic Mira River.

The 2 groups of road cyclists will be escorted by CBRM Police.

It’s all free including the Heartland Tour T-shirt. 



Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre

8:15 am - Registration: 

8:45 am - CB Family YMCA warm-up #1

9:15 am - Road Ride (63 km). Around the Mira. Download MAP

9:15 am - Road Ride (41 km).  Around Mira-Marion Bridge. Download MAP.

10:00 am - Youth Registration (10 am - 12 noon, Youth Games/Activities).

10:30 am - CB Family YMCA warm-up-#2.

10:30 am - Trail Ride (6 km) trail or hybride bikes on the Greenlink Trail.  Download MAP

11:00 am - Walk (3 km) Walkers Welcome….Guided walking on the Greenlink Trail.   

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