The Tour - Halifax

Saturday, July 7

Join us at the Emera Oval for the 2018 launch of the Heartland Tour.  Thanks to our sponsors it is all at no charge to you.  We have cycling options for all abilities.  There is a long road ride going out to Sambro or a shorter road ride to Purcell’s-Herring - both feature some challenging hills, bike lanes and paved shoulders.  Another cycling option is a 25 km ride on the BLT Trail.  Our physical activity events end with the police-escorted family ride through the city - kids of all ages enjoy riding behind the patrol car.  For those who would prefer to get active on foot we have the Oval and the city streets, where you walk at your own pace for your own distance.  We are fortunate to have one of Halifax's fine Fire Trucks at our event and it will arrive late in the morning.  Our day ends with a lunch, prize draws and closing remarks form Dr. Nick.

All Rides – Walks, begin at the EMERA OVAL
The Commons, Cogswell St., Halifax

8:00 am:  Registration and Opening.

9:00 am:  Long Ride: 61 km – to Sambro, challenging hills, bike lanes and paved shoulder, one rest stop. (View Route Map HERE)

9:30 am:  Short Ride: 28 km – Purcells-Herring Cove, challenging hills (first 15 km), bike lanes and paved shoulder, one and one optional rest stop. (View route map HERE)

9:45 am  Trail Ride : 25 km (BLT  trail- out to the bridge in Timberlea at the foot of Greenwood Heights). rest and turn around back to the Emera Oval. (View route map HERE )

9:30 and 11:30 am:  Walk: 1 km to 5 km – gentle walk (at your own pace) around the city and the Oval.

12:30 pm:  City-Family Ride: 6 km, through the downtown core – Police Escort.

12:15 pm:  Light Lunch/snack.

1:15 pm:  Prize draws and Closing

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