The HEARTLAND TOUR CORE TEAM is a group of volunteers who join the Tour for a full week in July. Each team member has signed up to provide the organization with some required service or expertise (we call it their chore). The Core Team supports the community event, provides rider support and serves as role models for the general public. Each is dedicated to the goals and objectives of the Heartland tour and are personally committed to an active lifestyle.  A wonderful crew of medical students joins us each year to help with the many daily tasks associated with the Tour and to conduct medical research, this year we are studying the prevalence of pre-diabetes (a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease) in our province.

Ron Allen (Lunenburg Co.)                                              MEDICAL STUDENTS
Jake Blacklaws (Halifax)                                                 
Shane Bernard (Whycobah FN)                                      Emily Chedrawe
Sean Buckland (Halifax)                                                  Chad LeClair        
Don Cook (Yarmouth Co.)                                               Amanda MacDonald
Bob Coyle (Halifax)                                                          Eric MacNeill                                                          
Dr. Hughie Fraser (Lunenburg Co.)                                 Louis Martin  
Dr. Carman Giacomantonio (Halifax)                               Matthew Oldfield                                  
Dr. Nicholas Giacomantonio (Halifax)                              Kirsten Weagle
Vicki Giacomantonio (Halifax)                                             
Jack Harding (Yarmouth Co.)
Yolande LeVert (Cape Breton RM)
Kimble Meagher (Lunenburg Co
Dan MacDonald (Halifax)
Norma Jean MacDonald (Anti. Co.)
Dawn Muise (Halifax)
Leah Nolan (Halifax)
Roger Pitman (Yarmouth Co.)
Daisy Roberts (Colchester Co.)
Tyler Rogers (Colchester Co.)
Katherine Saulnier (Pictou Co.)
Mike Saulnier (Yarmouth Co.)
Ruth Saulnier (Yarmouth Co.)
Jim Vance (Pictou Co.)