#HLTV2020 was a huge success - a record number of Nova Scotians joined us - virtually.  Thank you for participating.

Over 900 of you returned your log books, many with impressive amounts of physically active minutes recorded.  You walked, cycled, hiked, ran, swam, played golf, did yard work, split and stacked firewood and, just maybe our favourite, picked potato bugs!  It all counts.

Equally impressive, well over 50% of you invited to complete our participant survey, did so - thank you.

We appreciated your photos, videos, stories and kind words.

91% of you told us you were able to do at least 150 minutes a week of physical activity.  You also told us you liked the virtual Tour format and that we should continue to include it as an option in the 2021 Heartland Tour.  Most of you say you are likely to join us again in 2021.

Hopefully if you needed to make regular physical activity a part of your regular daily routine you did, and will continue to do so.

We know the annual Heartland Tour is a motivator for those already physically active to continue with this lifestyle.  Keep up the good work.

The Heartland Tour is also a celebration of active people living in active communities.

Take a moment to review our list of sponsors - each logo is a link to their website.  They make the annual Heartland tour a reality, please show your appreciation whenever you have the chance.

Get the blazes moving, be WELL.

Let's be friends, follow us on Facebook (@HeartandTourNovaScotia) and please share.

Go to Public Resources under the Prescription on the menu bar for some very useful information on physical activity.  New this year are handy one-page downloads we have specifically prepared for you (click on the title to start the download): Benefits of PA, Get Started, It All Counts, PA Guidelines.


Discover the fun way to ensure you enjoy all that life has to offer.

150 min/wk for improved health and wellness for all ages, all abilities.