Planning for the 18th annual Heartland Tour is well underway.  Stay tuned for the 2024 Tour schedule.  At that time we will also have an exciting announcement.  Later this spring we will open registration on this website.

As we all know, costs continue to rise.  This has challenged us to maintain the Heartland Tour model of free events with some prize draws and promotional items - all of which you have told us are important.  Should you know of potential sponsors (cash donations, discounts, in-kind goods/services) please let us know at

What is the Heartland Tour all about?

Studies conducted with identical twins prove that our health is about 25% determined by our genes.  This means the rest is up to us!  Our Dr. Nick speaks of "modifiable risk factors" - things in our life that increase the chance of disease (cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, poor mental health) over which each of us has some control.  Two of the most important are regular physical activity and the food choices we make every day.

It is not that difficult, and it does not have to be prefect - it is all about more and less. 
 It all counts and it all matters.

Stay physically active by moving your body more and sitting less throughout your day.

In terms of what we eat, enjoy 
more real food (those that go bad fairly quickly) and less of the poor foods (highly processed, packaged stuff that will last for a long time).

Need for more information?  Canada's 24-hour Movement Guidelines are a good place to start, you will find them by clicking on this link - .  We agree with the Guidelines, make your whole day matter.  For what to eat see Canada's Food Guide

Our aim is to encourage, inspire and support your personal journey to maintaining, improving and/or restoring your health. We hope we are helping you in a meaningful way.

The Board of Directors and our entire team of volunteers acknowledge that we are in Mi'kma'ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi'Kmaq people.

Discover the fun way to ensure you enjoy all that life has to offer.

150 min/wk for improved health and wellness for all ages, all abilities.