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We are now heading for Participant 1500 - is it you?

Please note that our visits to Amherst and Truro are on the same day - you'll have to choose between two great events that day.


You can register others however we ask that you not register anyone under the age of 17 unless you are that child's parent or guardian.

At the end of the process please tell us you are not a robot (wait briefly for your answer to be confirmed).

Then click the register button and you are registered.  You can then proceed to register another person.


The first, the 100th, the 500th, the 1000th, etc. person to register wins their choice of a 2024 Heartland cycling jersey or a $50 grocery card.


Plan to arrive early to ensure you receive your free t-shirt  - supply is limted.  If you already have one of our shirts in good condition we ask that you not claim another shirt this year - thanks for your help in keeping our costs manageable.


We strongly encourage you to pre-order our 2024 jersey as supplies will be limited.  The cost is $80.  If interested contact Jim at jdvance49@gmail.com for an image and size chart.  Pre-ordering closes May 15.


We know they are our best friend but not everyone is comfortable around other people's pets.  Please don't bring your dog to a Heartland walk or hike.   Registered service dogs are permitted upon presentation of the appropriate documentation to that effect.  Thank you for your understanding.


We are ebike friendly!


The county that has the greatest proportion of its population participating in a Heartland Tour event will be declared Nova Scottia's Most Active County.  $2500 will be awared to a recreational trail project in that county.


Any Information we do collect is used for the purpose of improving our efforts and making the Tour more responsive to your needs.  All personal information is stored on a secure server and will not be shared or sold to outside agencies.

Should you not want to submit your minutes of activity online you may choose to download the log and submit it to us at the end of the Tour if you wish to do so.

Questions?  Contact us at tc@heartlandtour.ca.


You will receive an email confirming you have successfuly registered.

This email contains important links to our downloadable log book and our new online log book.  If you wish to use the online log book we strongly suggest you save this link to your own log book.   Once you have entered your username (which is your email address) and the password we have assigned to you, click "remember me" to save both so you will not have to enter them again.  Save your confirmation email for future reference.

Join us - in-person, virtually or both ways!  Get moving, stay well.

 Contact Information 

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If you wish to receive text messages from us, please enter the mobile number you wish to use. Please note that we will never share your personal information, and any text messaging will be kept to a minimum.

 Event Information 

SELECT ONE EVENT from each community where you plan to join us. You may also choose one virtual challenge.
If you cannot join us in person, you may select one virtual challenge.

Amherst, Wednesday, July 10     view details

10 km Run (advanced)

22 km Road Ride

3 km walk

5 km Run (novice)

5 km Walk

54 km Road Ride

8.4 km Road Ride

East Coast Athletes - Dryland Power Hour

Line Dancing

Seniors' Chair Yoga

Sunset Community Centre

Youth Baseball

Youth Park & Playground Play

Youth Soccer

Youth Swimming

Annapolis Royal, Friday, July 12     view details

2 km Walk

25 km Road Ride

5 km Walk

50 km Road Ride

Walk (Guided Interpretative Walk through town)

Antigonish, Tuesday, July 9     view details

20 km Road Ride

37 km Road Ride

6 km Walk

77 km Road Ride

Skateboard in the Park

Zumba (10:30 am)

Bridgewater/Lunenburg, Thursday, July 11     view details

2.0 - 7.0 km Walk (Starts and ends in Lunenburg)

27 km Trail Ride (Starts and ends at the Blockhouse Fire Hall)

33 km Road Ride (Starts and ends at the Blockhouse Fire Hall)

51 km Trail Ride

84 km Road Ride (Hilly)

Are you planning to purchase the $10 lunch in Lunenburg?  Yes No

Halifax, Saturday, July 6     view details

20 km Trail Ride

30 km Trail Ride

42 km Road Ride

5 km Trail Walk

Scotsburn (Pictou Co), Sunday, July 7     view details

10 km Jitney Trail Ride

18 km Road Ride

2-3 km Jitney Trail Walk with Dr. Nick

5 km Hike (Fitzpatrick Mountain Trails)

54 km Road Ride

Forest Magic Walk

Mountain Bike Trail Ride

SALSATION® Dance Fitness


Sydney, Monday, July 8     view details

1 km / 3 km / 5km Walks

20 km Road Ride

50 km Road Ride

Line Dancing

Truro, Wednesday, July 10     view details

15 km Trail Ride in the Park

2.0 - 2.5 km Walk in the Park

20 km Road Ride

50 km Road Ride

VIRTUAL EVENTS     view details

Double It Up 300

Get Up & Move

The Classic 150

The Virtual Tour 1500

Youth 60 a Day

Yarmouth, Saturday, July 13     view details

12 km Road Ride

3 km Family Street Ride

3 km Walk

38 km Road Ride

65 km Road Ride

Beginner's Line Dancing

Beginner's Yoga

 T-shirt pre-order Information 

If you are only registering for a virtual challenge (you will NOT be attending a community event) and want a t-shirt, please select your size and provide your mailing address.

 Consent & Confirmation 

Please review our Release and Consent Agreement and Heartland Tour Code of Conduct, and agree to the terms below.

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