Heartland Tour Registration

Welcome to our online registration process, we have tried to keep the data collection simple but it is important for us to know if this is your first Tour and the gender, age group, and county of residency of our participants.  We do not share personal information with anyone.  The data is only used by us for planning purposes.

You can register for as many events as you wish to participate in during your registration session, and you can register other persons.

You will receive a confirming email and if you have any comments or questions you can share them with us via a return email.

KNOW YOUR A1C  At our main registration locations Dalhousie Medical School students will be conducting diabetes research.  We are inviting all registrants to take a few minutes to have a painless (honest!) blood sample taken for a free A1c test (blood sugar).  You will be given the results - knowing is important!  We thank Dalhousie Medicine, Lawtons Drugs and Astra Zeneca for making this possible.

REGISTERING FOR A RIDE IN BRIDGEWATER?  Please note you are asked to register for either a ride with a $10 lunch on the wharf in Lunenburg or a no lunch option.  An explanation is provided on the Bridgewater page under the TOUR tab.